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Joy is a full time watercolour painter. After graduating from University with a degree in art thirty-four years ago, she has lived and painted in Nova Scotia. She is an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists and has had national solo exhibitions including one at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia which the AGNS subsequently toured for a year. Joy has painted in many countries including Japan, Thailand, Peru, Turkey, Spain, France and Italy. She was a popular night school watercolour teacher for twenty years retiring from this ten years ago.


May 21, 22 and 23, 2008 Workshop 
Joy is planning to teach one last workshop. There are still a few spots available and participants should reserve their spot in the workshop by filling out the registration form and including  a $ 100 non-refundable deposit. (If the spot can be filled from the waiting list then the deposit will be returned.) The workshop fee of $ 375 plus HST covers the three days of painting with Joy and also the three lunches. Two weeks prior to the workshop, by May 7, participants should send a cheque for the workshop balance or call gallery and give your credit card info for the balance.

The 2008 Joy Laking Painting Workshop will be held in Parrsboro at the Band Hall on May 21, 22 and 23. Participants are also encouraged to make a stop at the gallery to see all of Joy’s recent paintings a part of their workshop. Joy’s Gallery is 45 minutes from Parrsboro near Bass River. It will be open on Tuesday May 20 from 12 until 5 and on Friday May 23 , 5 until 8 and Saturday May 24 from 9 until 5. Although the workshop day doesn’t officially start until 9 AM, participants are encouraged to arrive at the Parrsboro band hall at 8:30 AM everyday so that they have time to set up for the day and to have tea or coffee and have time to socialize. Throughout the workshop, Joy is happy to do small demonstrations on anything that participants feel would be a help.

Day One on Wednesday morning, in addition to introductions, Joy will spend about one hour from 9 until 10 talking about supplies and what she uses to paint en plein air and her colours and how she sets up her palette. Then from 10 until 11, Joy will do her daily long demonstration. From 11 until 12, participants will do Joy’s daily one hour exercise. (If there are special supplies needed for the daily exercises, they will be supplied.) From twelve until two we will have our lunch break. We’ll share rides and travel ten minutes to Diligent River and the home and gallery of Krista Wells. Krista is bursting with creativity and it is wonderful of her to welcome us into her home. (Her home itself is piece of art; visualize handcrafted log home on the edge of the bay. The path to the door goes over a delightful walking bridge with a small waterfall on your left and the bay in the distance on the right). Krista will serve us a light lunch and tell us about what she does. We’ll have a chance to see her studio and gallery before returning to the band hall for the first session of general participant painting.

For the general painting sessions, participants should have their own watercolour supplies and some ideas and resource materials for the sort of things they might enjoy painting, (photos, sketches or still life objects). The first general painting session will end at 4:30, followed by a half hour group critique.

Day Two:
  • 9 until 10: Joy’s long painting demonstration
  • 10 until 11: painting exercise
  • 11 until 12: general painting session begins
    Participants are encouraged to paint several different paintings while at the workshop. Paintings without elaborate drawing, will allow people to be free to take risks and try different approaches.
  • 12 until 2: lunch, we have another treat at a different artist’s studio/gallery.
  • 2 until 4:30: general painting session continues
  • 4:30 until 5: group critique.

On day three we proceed much like day two, except we will only take one hour for lunch and we’ll walk over to a local Bed and Breakfast for our noon meal. This house is also a treat, with white lawn chairs, a wide porch and lots of details inside, so feel free to bring your camera’s to capture possible painting ideas. Our day three general painting session resumes at 1 and at 3:30 we stop for our last critique and the workshop wrap up which will be over at 4.

Prior to attending a workshop, students are recommended to consider keeping a journal to aid in the creative process. Here's my thoughts on keeping a journal.