August 8, 2010

Today was one of those days where things didnt go as planned.  I headed off to town early to drop off my plans for new gallery signs at 8am.  Even though I called the company yesterday and they told me they opened at 8, at 8:15 there was still nobody around and I gave up and went onto item number two for the day.  I drove over to Pictou to collect some beach glass from my favourite (only) beach glass collecting beach.  The tide was high and my beach was covered with a foot of wet seaweed.  Not to be deterred, I dug through it.  Little bugs filled the air and despite my perseverance only one small bit of green glass was found.  Onto item number three; I was to meet with two artist friends to tour the Sobey Collection at Abercrombie.  The friends didnt show up and the tour was packed with tourists.  Our guide hustled us through the house with not enough time or space to really savour the art.   Despite that, I loved seeing all the paintings; marvellous, marvellous Canadian art.  I am on the acquisition committee of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and  I certainly would love to see this collection in our provincial gallery.


Eventually I found a field with lovely lighting and set up to do an acrylic painting.  It was going well even with the rain but then huge winds started and I reluctantly packed up and headed home.  I am still so new to acrylics that its exciting and also scary to try to capture beauty in this new medium.  Two weeks ago, I spent the week down at Port Joli with a bunch of artist friends.  I worked in acrylics for the entire week and I am thrilled with the new works.