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March 2, 2016, Axim, Ghana

After a couple of nights at Escape Three Point Lodge where we were totally hot and totally damp and dirty and where the promised internet never actually worked, we bit the biscuit and moved to our most expensive place yet, Axim Beach Resort. We arrived yesterday and I have already had five showers! I have already changed into my second clean shirt today! Escape Three Points had a charm but also had it's drawbacks ie. the wobbly walk up three big steps made with chunks of bamboo to the smelly compost toilet being only one of them. I do feel a bit guilty that it feels so good to have a real bathroom that has a shower and is clean and a real bed and air conditioning but this pampered Canadian had reached her limits. All is not perfect here though. Although, we got internet briefly yesterday afternoon, it hasn't worked since.

After breakfast this morning, and when it was clear that we wouldn't have internet, Jim and I set out on a path to walk to the town of Axim. Right at the start, Jim told me that there had been robberies mentioned in the guide book. I figured if there were enough robberies to write about them in the guide book then perhaps our walk to the village was a horrible idea. Despite this and despite the extreme heat, we carried on and made it safely to town.

Once we arrived in town, I knew that we were experiencing the highlight of the Ghanaian trip for me; seeing real life, doing real things. I didn't carry my paints, it being just too hot, and it was not possible to sneak my camera out of my pocket to get any photos, so I will try to share this morning with you in yet another word picture.